Have you been here before? If you had then maybe you saw a long, drawn-out page full of random business terms and details about this creature, Alex.

Perhaps you thought, "ugh, this is so much." Since we are dear friends, let's talk a bit more casually.

You need things. Developer things. Project management things. User experience and web strategy things. New, shiny, creative things. While there are some things I cannot do (i.e. talk about fantasy football), there are many things that I can do.

I am a beard-oil-obsessed, book reading, problem solving, extrovertedly introverted person who wants to help. Picking a freelance developer is not easy. You have options. Squarespace, Wordpress, plus a handful of other frameworks.

Cool. Bring it back to you and I.

Things we will do well together:

be passionate.

You drive the work that you do. You are an intentional person. I like that...and inherently so am I. Together we can focus on making your passion something that shines, gleams, and gets attention. It's like Tinder. We both swiped right.

be creative.

The 90s and early 2000s were fun times. Granted, I was playing in a sandbox with my Tonka trucks, but hey, that is fun too! The web has evolved and is ever-changing. Let's leverage some of the latest and greatest things. I have a spectacular group of creative partners (in crime) that help to build unconventional, moving sites. Want to remain conservatively chic? We do that too.

be weird-ly awesome.

Similar to your work, you are looking for people that can move forward projects and ideas in a fun, light-heartedly professional way. I am all about the experience too. Let's be goofy. Spunky. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

sound good?

Are you all excited and tingly? I bet you are. Reach out to me and get the conversation started.