acreative.He Said Yes

Victor Sanders + Alex Bertolucci's Wedding


Created an online medium for the two grooms to communicate and faciliate their special day.

Integration of registration details through an RSVP form for data tracking.

Clean, simple design taking a new approach for wedding sites.



Victor and Alex have been my friends for several years after moving to Portland, Oregon. When it came time for them to finally tie the knot (congrats you two!) I begged them to let me own their wedding website. I could not be happier for this fine couple. They truly embody one of the greatest relationships I have chosen to surround myself with. 


Clean. Simple. Elegant. 

We approach their website from a non-traditional wedding site. None of that calligraphy typeface was going up on their site! Victor and Alex truly appreciate the beauty of nature and wanted that to be displayed through their site. Choosing a background and logo were easy after designs by Cielle Charron. We determined a simple pages around this background was crucial.


After a few wireframes and some playtime with Edelsans and Raleway in Illustrator CS6, we were off! Based off a few other simple wedding websites, I build them a Drupal 7 responsive theme. Their main of simplicity was truly at the heart of building this site. You won't see any crazy slider images, Masonry javascript, or JSON syndicated content, just a true representation of the two men who are getting married.


Simple, responsive design for the site holistically.

Webform to manage all RSVPs to the event.

Clean, clear pages to expand on topics around the wedding.


Drupal 7, Photoshop, Illustrator